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Design, Manufacturing, Erection & Commissioning Process Flow
Based on the Specifications of Project / Product, Design wing in consultation with Domain Experts and Clients, refines the concepts, feasibility with CAD simulation, Foundation design / Mechanical bought outs and utility / Electrical / Electronic / etc specs are finalized, Manufacturing drawings for the product along with, BOM, and schedules are created.
Design Review & Documentation control is an essential ingredient of the design process. (The Detailed Design engineering stage excludes procurement activity, except for that indicated specifically).

Manufacturing Process
The manufacturing process uses the drawings from the design process and chalks out a detailed manufacturing procedure and Quality plan before start of shop activities. The manufacturing activities include Process / Production / Procurement planning, Covered are varied tasks like procurement of bought-out items, new tools and subcontract works etc. Items that pass the quality control inspections are assembled and functionally tested.

Erection & Commissioning
Assembled modules are disassembled (if of large dimensions), match marked and offered to the E&C teams for integration on machine foundation and with the Control module. Erection is carried out under close supervision, with special care taken on safe handling practices.

Manufacturing & Supply to customer designs
PHYSIMECH welcomes partnerships in manufacture & development in the field of SPM's, Automation & Robotics from reputed organizations to their designs.